You are ready to start charting; you’ve read all the blogs, got all the stationary, or downloaded your choice of app. But you are not sure if it’s best to wait until your next cycle or begin straight away.

As with everything I discuss, do what feels right for you and be guided by your intuition. However, to explore the benefits of each alternative further, keep reading.


Starting Straight Away

If you are anything like me, you sign up for something, you get excited and then if you don’t start straight away, it gets put to the side and forgotten until your next spring clean.

The benefit of starting your menstrual cycle chart straight away are:

  • You begin to develop connection and awareness immediately; where your attention goes, energy flows
  • You will be able to start developing your daily ritual and charting practice, until you refine it to a practice that feels perfect for you.
  • You begin gaining valuable insights instantly. You may not be able to interpret what it means until a full cycle later but, you will be able to start noticing patterns much quicker.



Wait till your Next Period

There is absolutely nothing wrong with starting your charting journey at the beginning of your next period, especially if you know it is only a few days away.

Some of the benefits of waiting include

  • Literally starting fresh; new cycle, new dreams, new focus. You can use this as a chance to symbolically let go of what isn’t serving you and start fresh. The first day of your new vibrant life.
  • You know exactly where you are in your cycle. By knowing where you are in your cycle you can start optimising the energies of each phase immediately, even if it is only in small ways.
  • This one is for those that love order, if the thought of starting mid cycle on your chart makes you want to cringe, then wait till your period and start at the top of a fresh new chart.


There are multiple benefits to starting in different phases of your cycle. However, it is important to make sure that whatever option you decide on, you commit to it and don’t allow your chart to get lost or disappear. Although the chart itself is pretty darn gorgeous, the value in charting your menstrual cycle is in starting and noticing the patterns and recognising the phases you are in.

Big Love,