You’re super keen to chart your menstrual cycle. You’ve got everything ready to go –gorgeous journal, fabulous stationary, time scheduled in, but you’ve drawn a blank at what to chart.

The possibilities seemed infinite when you read four reasons to chart your menstrual cycle, but now you are ready to go, you feel slightly lost and not sure where to start.

Firstly, you literally cannot make a mistake when charting, it is all about doing what feels right for you, and allowing yourself to be guided by your intuition. If this is all the reassurance you needed, go forth and get charting.

If you would like something a little more specific, please keep reading.

I like to chart my cycles holistically, to do this I generally look at mind, body and soul. Within that I reflect on what I noticed in myself and how I nourished myself.

I have put together some of my favourite journaling prompts to get you started.


The mind relates to anything to do with my thinking.

  • Were my thoughts positive or negative today?
  • Was there anything that I kept thinking about today?
  • Was my inner critic loud today? Or did I not notice her input?
  • How resilient did I feel today?
  • Was I in reaction or co-creation?
  • How did I nourish my mind today?
  • Did I shower my mind in positive thoughts


This relates to anything to do with your physical body

  • What physical sensations am I noticing?
  • What are my energy levels like?
  • What was my libido like?
  • How did I nourish my body today?
  • Did I move my body in a loving way?
  • Did I eat foods that support my phase of the menstrual cycle?


The term soul, can be slightly ambiguous. However, for me it is about getting in touch with my spirit and remember there is something bigger than myself.

  • What were my emotions like today?
  • How did I nourish my soul today?
  • What was my oracle card for the day?
  • Did I listen to my intuition?
  • Did I spend time in meditation?
  • Did I connect with the moon?
  • Did I do something that fills me with absolute joy and love?

Remember, these are all prompts to get you started. You may wish to choose 1 or 2 of these prompts to focus on. Or you may just wish to go for it!

It is beneficial however, to reflect on similar prompts throughout the month as this will allow you to begin to notice patterns, which is where you will be able to get the juicy goodness from.

And as always listen to what feels right for you.

Big Love,