eCourse Womb Magic -Unlock the Untapped Potential of Your Menstrual Cycle




Womb Magic – Unlock the Untapped Potential of your Menstrual Cycle.

This go at your own pace eCourse will help you feel more in tune with your womb space, create greater connection with your personal energy cycle, guide you to optimally harness the energy of each cycle and foster new appreciation for being a woman.

This eCourse includes downloadable

  • Womb Connection Meditation (15 mins for deeper exploration)
  • Womb Love Meditation (5 mins for those who want to start their day in flow)
  • Four detailed workbooks that allow you to understand and support each phase of your menstrual cycle; including journals prompt, mantras, signs to look for in your body, activities to support the phase of your cycle your in
  • Lush Menstrual Cycle charting guide, to begin your charting journey
  • Lifetime access

Once purchased this course is available for immediate download, another copy is then sent to your inbox

*Due to the immense value that this course provides and the downloadable nature of the product, no refunds will be offered once purchase has been made


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