You’ve decided to start charting, you’ve got your chart or downloaded the app, you’ve read the blog that gave you hints on what to chart, but you are still feeling overwhelmed.

Don’t worry gorgeous I’ve got you!

Firstly, there is no such thing as charting your energy patterns incorrectly. Your chart is there to help enhance your life. This means that your chart can truly be as in depth or as brief as you would like it to be. You might prefer to use words or enjoy getting creative with symbols and signs. It truely doesn’t matter, so long as you are able to decipher what you have created.

For those of you still feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of starting, here are three simple and practical steps you may wish to apply to your first menstrual cycle charting experience.

Just start

Just start! This is the most crucial step. There is no need to wait for the right moment, or for all the stars to align. Waiting often leads to procrastination and then simply forgetting. It doesn’t matter where in your cycle you are, or where you think you are –there will always be valuable insights to be gained. If you happen to forget a day somewhere in there, don’t worry – remember what you can and then if not just get back into it.

Start with an intention and a focus

The joy of working with your cycle is just that, it is a cycle. This means that it will come again and again. So, whatever you ‘miss’ this cycle, you can focus on next cycle.

On day 1 of your period set an intention of what you would like to focus on in you coming cycle. This can be anything you would like to give your attention to, for example connection, mindfulness, joy, movement. Alternately you might like to focus on the physical sensations you notice that month, or your emotions. Just start with what is feeling relevant to you right now. Then as you move forward with charting make that your focal point, with any other realisations being bonuses.

This intention or focus might be something you take with you for a few cycles until you are really able to get a deeper understanding of it. You might also like to change the intention or focus with each cycle, depending on what is in alignment for you.

There is no rush to explore everything in your first cycle, it is all about adding layers as you deepen your practice.

Schedule in time

Make sure to schedule in at least 5 minutes each day, to reflect on your day and what you noticed. It can be a really beautiful practice to do before you go to bed. By making it the same time of the day, it begin to develop as a daily practice and allow you to create a grounding ritual around it.

By taking these three simple steps you will be able to start your charting journey. As you become more familiar with your cycle, you charting practice will inevitably change, develop and deepen. But this is not something that has to happen immediately, the joy in this work is the long term realisations, treating it as a devotional practice.

Big Love