Hello Beautiful 

You’re here because you’ve decided’s time to think about welcoming a baby into your family.

Cue big feelings of excitement tinged with nervousness and slight trepidation.

You’ve decided that very soon it’s time to stop ‘practising’ and try the real thing. But, you don’t want to be eaten up with stress, or constant worry.

You know that this should be an exciting time in your life; although you’re not quite sure where to start. This is completely normal, especially when all we often hear from others are the horror stories.

You might even have started reading, and researching some of the information. However, you have reached a point where it is simply overwhelming and none of it is helping you to understand your specific situation. I have absolutely been here too.

Perhaps you have also been wondering

  • How can I go into the experience of conceiving a baby ensuring I am as physically, and emotionally ready as possible?
  • How can I set myself, and my partner up for an empowered, and informed experience?
  • How can I actively and consciously prepare for getting pregnant?
  • Where can I go to understand my body and particularly my individual menstrual cycle and signs of fertility?
  • What do I do now I’ve stopped my hormonal contraceptive?


This is where I can help.

I am a natural fertility coach trained in natural fertility education, and a registered midwife/nurse. I work with women who are wanting to consciously play an active role in their fertility decisions, enjoy the conception experience and increase their chances of getting pregnant naturally.

I am here to help you understand just how achievable and enjoyable getting pregnant can be, especially when you are feeling prepared and supported. Let’s get rid of all the overwhelming information and simply focus on you, your cycle and what it is telling you. I will be there to cheer you on as your confidence and understanding in your own body and fertility grows, allowing you to truly embrace this exciting time in your life.  

How did I get here?

Almost 8 years ago I excitedly started my first shift as a Registered Nurse at my local hospital, ready to begin my career in the Special Care Nursery. This soon evolved into a my becoming a Registered Midwife and working with women through their pregnancy, birth and postpartum experiences.

Not long into my career I realised two things

  • I was passionate about understanding as much as possible about the menstrual cycle and fertility!
  • I wanted to support women in a way that would allow them to feel confident in themselves and develop trust in their own body and how amazing it is.

It is from this point onwards my business was birthed and evolved until all my interests and knowledge were combined into one exciting offering -Natural Fertility Coaching.

My fascination with the menstrual cycle started predominantly from my personal life, where after 3 years on the oral contraceptive pill I had, had enough. I was not willing to deal with the side effects and continue sacrificing my health -I knew there had to be another way but, I was just not quite sure what it was. Then, I discovered Fertility Awareness for contraception, and I was blown away! Why are we not taught this in school? How could I be a midwife and not know this existed?! From there I was hooked.

Now, as the focus of my relationship’s fertility aims are changing from contraception to conception, I am so grateful that we have the knowledge to embrace the experience without much of the misunderstanding and stress that can occur. There is no reason pre-conception and conception can’t be enjoyable.

Understanding and supporting your fertility is so easy and achievable -however, we have been conditioned to think it is confusing hard and unpredictable! I want women to have the knowledge and power to make informed decisions about all aspects of their conception journey.

I’ve been off the pill for a full cycle and now into my second. Bess has helped me to learn how I could re-empower my body, has been such a gift” 


More about me…

  • I am genuinely passionate about the magic that can occur when women gather together for open, honest, heartfelt connection

  • I have always loved reading, nothing is more exciting than disappearing into the pages of a good book. Whether it is to consume and absorb new knowledge or to escape to a different world

  • My husband and I recently adopted the most beautiful furbaby (yes I’m now one of those people) in the world -She is a Kelpie cross with boundless energy and a desire to love and be loved by everyone!

  • I have a genuine love of nature and spending time immersed in it’s beauty and tend to get stir crazy when I stay inside for too long, although I regularly forget this!

  • I have a growing collection (obsession) with oracle cards, crystals and essential oils -I am quite certain you can never have too many although my husband might possibly disagree

My coaching style is a balance of education, enquiry, and discovery based on everything I have gained from my professional expertise as a midwife, and natural fertility coach as well as personal experience embracing my own fertility. It would be my absolute privilege and joy to support you.

If anything I have shared has captured your interest or resonates with you, please don’t hesitate to reach out. You can see how we can work together here, or you can get in touch at I can’t wait to hear from you xx

Natural Fertility Coach

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