Welcome gorgeous! I am so excited you have found your way here!

Perhaps you are curious to know what charting your menstrual cycle is all about, perhaps you’ve heard how amazing charting your menstrual cycle is or perhaps you’ve stumbled upon this blog and only just discovered that charting your menstrual cycle is a ‘thing’.

However, if you have made your way here, it is likely you’re not exactly sure why to chart your menstrual cycle, especially when you are already trying to do a million other things to support your health and wellbeing!

I have a whole lot to say on this topic, but for now I would like to share with you 4 reasons to chart your menstrual cycle.. because I couldn’t stop at just 3!



Curiosity alone is a huge reason to chart your menstrual cycle. Wouldn’t you want to know as much about your body as possible? After all, she is there to support you for the rest of your life! It is a woman’s fundamental human right to understand her physiology, how her body ebbs and flows and what her body is trying to tell her. Charting your menstrual cycle for curiosity allows you to begin to understand what is normal for you and what feels right for you. By approaching charting with an air curiosity it also takes any pressure away from having to do it a certain way, or use what you find in any particular way.



Charting your menstrual cycle allows you to foster a deeper connection with yourself. It gives you the opportunity to spend 5 minutes reflecting on how you felt during the day and what you noticed about yourself. So many of us are disconnected from our body’s –which is often manifested through painful, irregular periods and health related symptoms. This disconnection can have huge consequences on our health as well as the ways in which we look to heal ourselves. By bringing back the connection you will begin to have a deeper understanding of what your body is telling you and how you can help her, one cycle at a time.


Understanding your energy patterns through-out the month

Your energy levels fluctuate during the month, depending on the phase of the menstrual cycle you are in. This is a result of moving hormone levels and other physiological changes. When you chart your energy patterns throughout the month, you get a much better understanding of how to live your most vibrant life. By understanding when you have lots of energy (usually in the follicular and ovulatory phase), you can plan your life accordingly and make the most of this energy. Conversely when your energy feels low (usually around menstrual phase of the cycle) and all you feel like doing is watching Netflix, drinking tea and eating chocolate, you are able to respect what your body needs without feeling guilty for it. By respecting the need to rest, you are also setting yourself up for a more productive and energetic cycle moving forward. While you may already check in everyday and see what feels right for your energy levels, by charting your cycle you have the added benefit of being able to recognise patterns and events that may have effected the patterns.


Fertility awareness

Did you know, that you can tell when you are fertile or not based on specific signs in your body. Some of the main ones are cervical mucous, basal body temperature and cervical position. This is something that can be effectively utilised by those wishing to get pregnant and those wishing to avoid pregnancy. Understanding your fertile window is HUGELY empowering, and really gives you a chance to have some important open conversations with your partner about conception, and contraception*. *As a side note there is LOTS of misinformation out there about fertility awareness, so if you are interested in this and actively looking to avoid pregnancy please be discerning on the information that you base your charting off (more blog posts on this to come). Personally, I chart for all three reasons and love the realisations that each cycle brings me. However, you may have no interest in fertility awareness, but feel that better understanding your energies will allow you to live a much more fulfilling life.   This self-care practice is about connection, so start with what feels right for you. No matter what you decide, I promise you will be left in awe with what you discover.    


Big Love