1:1 Coaching – Conscious Conception


A 12 week experience


For women wanting to embrace the experience of conscious conception and delve deeper into the integration of mind, body practices that will help them enjoy the path to pregnancy.

You’ve decided you’re ready, it might just be the time to bring a baby into your life. You know the basics, egg plus sperm equals baby, and perhaps you have even starting to do a little bit more reading into getting pregnant or natural fertility. However, ultimately you have been left more confused than when you began especially when it comes to increasing your chances of getting pregnant naturally.

During this 12 week package I work with you to create clarity from confusion, narrow in on your specific natural fertility needs and we design your own personalised natural fertility nourishment guide to support you on your way to pregnancy.

Our time together will be completely tailored to your individual needs. However, as an example our sessions together may explore

  • Understanding and connecting with your menstrual cycle

  • Helping Identify your fertile window, based on your own chart

  • How to support yourself while coming off of hormonal contraception
  • Support and information with individual needs related to PCOS or endometriosis
  • Looking at lifestyle factors, and how to enhance them with fertility in mind
  • Self care practices that you can integrate into your life to boost fertility and wellness
  • Guided hypnosis sessions to help release and tension or anxiety

    This experience is for you if you are

    • Wanting to truly delve deeper into understanding and connecting with your menstrual cycle

    • Ready to release any lingering doubts or confusion about getting pregnant

    • Wanting to be an active participant on your path to pregnancy by making informed decision about your fertility.

    • Open to the possibility that getting pregnant isn’t purely physical, but also intertwined with mental and emotional health and well being

    • Ready and excited to make changes in your life to support your fertility

    • Wanting to optimise health and wellness with your fertility in mind

    • Trust your body and really understand how amazing it is

    • Wanting practical tools and information to take away and continue to implement in your life

    Our coaching series includes


    • A detailed questionnaire that really allows you dive deep and discover your personal fertility goals. This will then direct our sessions together

    • 9 x 60 min 1:1 sessions -3 weeks on, 1 week to allow everything to sink in and become part of your life

    • Follow up email after each session

    • Voxer support (voice chats) between sessions, to check in and support you in applying our learnings to your life

    • Individualised tools, resources, journal prompts and practical tips to enhance your experience because one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to natural fertility

    Why work with me

    • I have almost a decade of experience working with women and their families with the realms of fertility, birth and the postnatal period

    • I am a Registered Midwife & Nurse who has undertaken further study to be qualified as a Teacher Trained in Natural Fertility Education

    • I have been on my own natural fertility journey, that started when I came off the oral contraceptive pill to now, where my husband and I are are starting to talk about having a baby. I know what it feels like to make these practices part of my life and how frustrating it can be when it doesn’t seem like your body is doing what you might expect

    • I am extremely passionate about women being able to make educated decisions about their health, and particularly their fertility. Why? Firstly, it is a womans fundamental human right to have access to information that will allow her to make informed decisions and secondly, being an active participant in your fertility decisions will often give you the confidence to be an active participant in all areas of your health, including your future pregnancy, labour and birth, hence increases the chances you will have a positive experience.

    • I know how important a personalised approach to health, wellness and fertility is, especially in a health system that often uses a one-size fits all approach.

    • I have a Diploma in Clinical Diploma in Hypnosis Psychotherapy

    My Style


    My coaching style is a balance of education, enquiry, and discovery based on everything I have gained from my professional expertise as a midwife, and natural fertility coach as well as personal experience embracing my own fertility.


    While I believe it is important to understand and connect with what is physiologically happening in your body and menstrual cycle. I have also found that mindset and the mind-body connection plays such a key role in the natural fertility experience. With my support, we will ensure that you have the resources at hand to support yourself mind & body.

    Your Investment


    $1799AUD (once off) OR x3 monthly payments of $609AUD

    Natural Fertility Coach

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