Hello gorgeous,

If you’ve been following my work over the last few months you might have noticed the term ‘conscious conception’ creeping in here or there.

So, what does conscious conception mean? Is it just some fun alliteration or something more?

Knowledge is power, and in so many aspects of our lives we are being encouraged to become more aware, more mindful, more educated & more conscious. From what we eat, how we respond, how we think about things, right through to pregnancy, birth and parenting. However, often when it comes to getting pregnant and conception the best advice people share is have lots of sex and don’t tell anyone you’re pregnant until about 12 weeks. Which let’s be honest is really not very helpful at all and while we’re mentioning it perpetuates the stigma and silence surrounding early pregnancy loss.

What if, instead, the experience of getting pregnant was reframed as a powerful opportunity to understand, connect, trust our bodies and surrender to the unknown. What if the experience of getting pregnant the chance to really connect with how special bringing a new life into this world really is? And what if the path to pregnancy is the chance for you and your partner to strengthen your relationship and truly work together to bring this new life into the world?

Conscious Conception is a chance for you to step up into your power and become an advocate for not only yourself but your family. It is an opportunity to deepen your connection to what you know is right for you and give you more conviction in the decisions you make. It is also setting the foundations for optimal health and well being (mind-body & soul) throughout your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period. Who doesn’t want that?

With 1 in 6  couple experiences challenges with fertility in Australia, it is important to note that Conscious Conception doesn’t have to be limited to those in the experience of trying to conceive naturally. It is a term that can be embraced however conception occurs.

Conscious Conception at its core is about feeling connected to your experience, understanding what your options are and being able to embrace and embody all the decisions you make from a place of power.

All of this is why I love the term Conscious Conception and am so passionate supporting all women to have the knowledge, skills & inspiration to approach getting pregnant with enthusiasm, and excitement. This is how is could be.

If you are looking to embrace your own conscious conception experience, do not hesitate to book in your free discovery call and learn how I can support you further.

Big Love,

Bess xx

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