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You’ve decided you’re ready, it might just be time to bring a baby into your life. The only thing is, just ‘going for it’ doesn’t feel right, but you’re not sure where to start.

Do you wish to enjoy your experience of conceiving and increase your chances of getting pregnant naturally?

You may have even started reading all the books, researching all the information and listening to everyone’s advice. But you’ve now reached a point where it’s simply overwhelming -and nothing you’ve found has helped you to understand your specific situation. This is where I can help.

I am Bess Bennett  – Natural fertility coach, and registered midwife. I work with women who are wanting to consciously play an active role in their fertility decisions, enjoy the conception experience and increase their chances of getting pregnant naturally.

With almost a decade of experience working with women and their families within the realms of fertility, birth and the postnatal period my coaching combines my professional expertise and personal experiences of coming off the oral contraceptive pill and embracing my own fertility, initially for contraception and currently future conception.   I have combined my knowledge, skills and passion to create 1;1 Natural fertility coaching services and online courses so that you can have a positive experience while preparing for pregnancy.

“Bess’ openness and full attention really allowed me to feel that she was listening to me and completely invested in the session”


You deserve more than a one size fits all approach when trying to conceive and prepare yourself for pregnancy. You deserve to feel confident in your body and trust in yourself. And you deserve to have all the information that will allow you to make informed decisions relating to your fertility and conception.  

I have the experience, practical knowledge and understanding to help rid you of overwhelm and provide the space to simply focus on you, your cycle and what it is telling you about your fertility.

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Before I spoke with Bess I didn’t have much of an understanding of my menstrual cycle or my fertility patterns. But after spending time with her I learnt so much about myself & my body. 

I feel a stronger connection with who I am & feel empowered to take this knowledge to grow myself and my abilities. It has brought me nothing but solace since gaining a better understanding of my glorious body and cycles. 

Not only is she an amazing natural fertility coach but, she is an inspirational person. She is so caring, genuine, approachable and heart centred. I feel so comfortable conversing with her. So much so, sometimes I find myself getting lost in her voice, her vibrance and passion for all that she does. 

Bess is an amazing woman & industry leader, you not be disappointed in her services. I am so very grateful to have found her! 


Natural Fertility Coach

Are you ready or almost ready to welcome a baby into your life? But not sure where to start?


I completely understand. 


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